Proposals from NefariousChild

  • Ayakashi Ghost Guild Alternate Universe
  • Rise of the Guardians/Nightmare Before Christmas Alternate Universe
  • Medieval Steampunk Alternate Universe
  • "Mount Olympus" Alternate Universe (Gods/Goddesses universe)
  • VRMMO- a virtual reality AU for gamers (Similar to .Hack and Sword Art Online)
  • Inhuman Asylum- An asylum for anything not human (D.I.M.A/D.I.A)
  • "All Scripted" AU- where Personalities are all scripted and not reality.
  • mafia-esque AU
  • Murder Mystery AU
  • Milk Carton- an alternate universe where one person is missing and the others have to try to find them.
  • The World Ends with You/Kingdom Hearts AU
  • Daycare AU
  • Digimon/Pokemon AU
  • "Day in the life of ______" an AU where characters spend a day in the life of another character.
  • Hospital- all the characters are in the hospital (be it with terminal illness, minor thing, or working there)
  • Reality TV/Game Show AU
  • Supernatural (the show) AU
  • Zombie/Alien Apocalypse
  • Legend of Zelda AU
  • An original idea
  • Werewolf Village AU- the characters are given a title, one being the "werewolf", and one by one those not the werewolf are attacked/turned.
  • University AU
  • Harry Potter AU/Magical School AU
  • Sky High/Superhero AU
  • Without a voice- one character is dead (a ghost), no one can see or hear the character (as if they weren't there). The ghost has to find some way of getting people to know they are there and/or how they died.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean AU
  • Musical AU
  • WWX (World War X)
  • Casino AU- the normal place is now a casino
  • Sinful Ways- everyone falls under the embodiment of one sin (Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Wrath) and their powers reflect that
  • Changeling the lost- Based on the RPG of the same name
  • Shadow of a Doubt- the character's negative feelings manifest into a monster in which they have to overcome.
  • Lawyer-ed up- the character is being charged with a crime and it is up to another character to try to appeal the case to make the client not-guilty.
  • Prison- all the characters are in prison and have to try to survive
  • Shipwrecked- after a cruise went wrong, the characters have to try to survive on a deserted island
  • Hunger Games AU
  • Wonderland AU
  • A hairs breath- things need to be stopped (such as defusing a bomb) or avoided (a car collision) by a hairs breath.
  • Percy Jackson/Scion AU- play as a demigod
  • Toy Story AU
  • Sly Cooper AU
  • Creepypasta/SCP AU
  • Walled in- everything that happens is the cause of one character's delusional mind
  • SNL (Saturday Night Live) AU
  • Soul Eater AU
  • Attack on Titan AU
  • Minecraft AU
  • Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler AU
  • Fairy Tail AU
  • Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra AU
  • Skullgirls AU
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Doubled- characters from two or more AUs meet up and have to fight to see which is better
  • Digitized- the character is sucked into the computer (Similar to TRON), but the computer thinks the person is a virus and tries to delete them
  • Restaurant AU- the main place is now a restaurant, characters can either work there, be a rival business, or be regulars there.
  • Within the spells- everyone has a type of magic that they can use, But there is also the dark/forbidden magics that has been shunned, feared, and outcast (in a sense, people are racist against those who can use the forbidden magics).
  • Cursed AU- everyone has a curse of some form (no you cannot have "Cursed with good looks") that they have to struggle to deal with on a regular basis. (example: a petrifying gaze cursed person having to have a conversation with someone who wants to see their eyes).
  • Mekaku City Actors crossover AU- Mekaku City Actors is about people with extraordinary abilities with their eyes (stealing gaze, stone gaze, perception gaze) having to live in the real world and try to stop a tragedy from happening
  • Tokyo Ghoul crossover AU- people are ghouls (beings that can only eat human flesh or drink coffee. they also have special abilities) or part of the government that is out to eradicate ghouls.
  • Wreck-it-Ralph-esque AU- Part of a game world where the characters can leave their game and interact with others of different games.
  • Dream Hoppers- Select one character to play and the others are stuck in a dream world in which the group has to save them or they will be trapped forever dreaming.
  • Fairy Tale AU- Everyone is a fairy tale character (Snow White, Little Mermaid, Puss in Boots, so on and so forth) and band together to defeat the bad guys and ultimately the story master.
  • Under The Bed- Monsters lurk everywhere, the organics have to fight back said monsters or face being eaten by them!
  • Transformation AU- a slow burning curse falls over the place, slowly changing everyone into another creature. (Non humanoid creature)
  • Haunted House AU- The Group is running a haunted house to raise money (be it for a charitable cause or to get something for the workplace).
  • Three Evils AU- Everyone has one of the three evils fall over them (Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no Evil) and they have to find a way to reverse the effects
  • Haunted Mask AU- an AU inspired by the Goosebumps book/show where someone puts on a haunted mask and their personality changes as the mask gets stuck and becomes more a part of them at time progresses.
  • Element Dancers AU- people born under a specific month have the element of that month. Each year a Duel has gone on for the best pair or group of five to see which elements work best together and which are catastrophic when paired.
  • RPG AU- Everyone is a class (Warrior, Cleric, Sorcerer, Thief, ranger, so on) and they go around fighting bad guys, solving puzzles, and having to save the world.
  • Magic Pupil AU
  • Circus AU- the name of the game is a circus, and everyone participates!
  • Ayakashi AU- Based on the anime, some people have great power, but it comes at a terrible price
  • Lost in the garden- a group of explorers travels through a garden that steadily gets bigger and more dangerous the farther they go in order to get a powerful artifact.
  • Tomes- Countless magical books have been discovered and one falls into the hands of your character. Each tome has something with it that could provide aid or destruction to the one holding it.
  • Lord of the Rings AU
  • Project K- Seven kings with special abilities each with a color- except the seventh, colorless king. Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow/Orange/Purple, Colorless. Each king can have any number of followers. There is a possibility for dual colors, but restrictions are applied.
  • No Game No Life AU- A world called Disboard, there are 16 races. There are ten pledges and everyone must follow the pledges. Everything is solved by games.
  • Magi: The Labyrinth/Kingdom of Magic AU- Mysterious labyrinths have been popping up all over the world; it is said that those that clear them gain power and wealth. In These Labyrinths are genies and the labyrinths are brought up by one of the three magi (wise men). There is also magic and dark genies.
  • Shokugeki no Souma AU- CULINARY SCHOOL
  • Silent Hill AU

Proposals from The Real Master Freddy

  • A Skyrim AU for the fantasy fans
  • Horror fest AU- Anything horror films and books goes
  • Naruto AU- A little something for the anime fans
  • A furry AU - When every OC turns into a furry
  • A plague AU- Where every human and demon gets sick and dies, leaving a rotting corpse behind
  • The Rebellion AU: Where all the animatronics and humans rebel against Sposen, who rules the world.

Proposals from ZacharyRayYork

  • Fantasy AU
  • Dragon Age AU
  • Bionicle AU
  • Monster AU

Proposals from YoureMyPiratesCove

  • In Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, all of the animatronics go missing, and the humans/organics left must find what happened to them...
  • Freddy's burns down, and the animatronics must learn to make it in the real world, somehow...
  • An AU based mostly on canonical acting, aka, not really any magics, instead, using mechanics.
  • Everyone plays one of their favorite youtubers, who all get into a Skype call, and they decide to play FNaF. But their games are glitching... and talking to them..?

Proposals from MariMarionette

  • Fredbears Family Diner

Proposals from Jurassic ATV

  • Genderbend AU
  • One of the animatronics accidentally opened a portal to an alternate universe where humans and animatronics are switched and the people from the other Universe cross over into this one
  • A child Sneaks into the pizzeria at night
  • The animatronics have to care for a baby Jungle book style
    • Secret Garden AU- A secret area which is said to be magical is found inside of the pizzeria, and everyone is exited about it, aside from one person who can control the "Garden" and make it do horrible things
    • Imagination AU- All of a sudden everything that somebody imagined came true in an invisible way (like that one episode of adventure time)
    • Beneath the mask AU- Two mortal enemies fall in love at a masquerade ball and when they lift the mask, (INSERT HOWEVER YOU WANT TO RP IT HERE)
  • Vocaloid AU/Evilicous AU

Proposals from Iris Blanche

  • Trickster Spirits everywhere AU-thing
  • Nintendo crossover AU
  • Splatoon AU

Proposals from The Mike Schmidt

  • Little big planet AU 
  • No mans sky AU
  • Monster hunter AU
  • fighting game AU
  • Bioshock infinite AU
  • Fazbear game night AU
  • Left 4 Dead AU
  • Animal crossing AU
  • Resident Evil AU

Proposals from Godfrey, the guy who lives in the cellar

  • Rapture Era Bioshock AU (1 & 2) (Important note: This is different from Mike's Bioshock AU which is set in Columbia, while this is set in Rapture)
  • Wild West AU
  • Papers Please AU- Okay, here's a rundown. one character is an Arstotszkan citizen whose name is pulled for work in the October labour lottery, they and their family (6 members, 3 can be any type of member, but the last 3 must be Niece, Sister, and a son/daughter, the first two are only introduced after a few days, with the sister barely being featured) are moved to a class 8 apartment near the Arstotszkan-KolechIan border, which has finally opened up. their job is to be the border officer for the border, carefully analyzing the papers, checking for any discrepancies (fancy word for errors) in the papers, and Accepting or Denying access (after a few days you can detain entrant whose passports errors can be listed as illegal, such as identity theft or forgery) (also, sorry if this is overwhelming info) to entrants. It may sound simple, but its more than that, you get caught up in rebel movements, (which you may participate in, or go against) murderers, human traffickers, and more. Other characters can also be entrants. The AU will last for 31 in-RP days. im probably missing some info here, so this bit is subject to edits
  • Half Life AU- I'm sure you've heard of the popular 4(nevertobe5screwyoutoogabe)[6 if you count Opposing Force or Blue Shift, but they were made by different developers and are expansion packs so they are common,y referred to as such] gamed series Half-Life, if not, what rock are you living under. This AU can be used in a few different ways. You can either take one of 3 perspectives during the pre and during resonance cascade era (Half Life 1) Where you take the role of a scientist or a security guard killing aliens, or a soldier in the HECU (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) who are basically the army dudes. The security guys and scientists can be played from start, but the HECU come in a short time after cascade, so RPing as one of them will have to wait. There's also the Post cascade era where the Combine have taken over earth and you RP as either a Citizen (self explanatory) a CP member (basically police, retains sense of humanity) a combine soldier (no sense of humanity, protocols are kill, defend, and manage) with only one character as the administrator (search Dr Breen up on the Half Life wiki for a rough idea on the job description) and one as the "uprising starter". HL2 in a nutshell at this point is where said character (who is preferably a Black Mesa scientist from the post and during cascade, if not thats okay), after a tricky set of events is basically leader of the uprising against the combine. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HL2 ERA: Characters under 20 years old when set in the HL2 time period cannot exist. The combine has set up a suppression field for the past 20 years which "disables a protein chain vital for reproduction" as Kleiner puts it, as their plan is for this to be the last generation of humans, so they can kill them off and claim Earth. The easiest loophole is just to make the character 20 or older.
  • Fallout AU: Quick rundown- Humanity evacuates into underground vaults, bombs drop, humanity goes back to surface, and tries to make living of bombed land. Also there's way too many scary critters runnin around.
  • TF2 AU: im at a lazy streak so, it's a class based game with multiple game modes, you make your characters a class and then stuff happens, just google tf2

Proposals from Nakeada

  • Modern Deities AU - Creating characters that are personifications of modern day ‘deities.’ Examples like, modern Greek mythological beings.
  • Llamas with Hats AU - Now this may sound weird! Hear me out. Some people can choose to be psychopathic murderers, other characters can play as their best friends / supporters who have to work to prevent their longtime companions from slipping into their psychopathic murder spree, by all means necessary. If they fail, they could risk the world falling into despair.
  • Mad Max AU - Well you can tell someone's been watching this one too many times.
  • inFAMOUS AU - I promise that I'll actually explain things here, but here's a spill of random ideas for you.

To be added.

Proposals from Daiki Fukada

  • Time of War AU - Your characters are set in a time of war, the Vietnam war for that matter, they're all just soldiers, the only thing making them different from one another is their personality and species, that means they don't have any powers, or extra lives, some may be tougher then others, but a bullet will kill. They will go through basic training, through battle areas, and suffer losses. Friends will be lost, but not in vain. This is my Rifle, There are many like it but this one is mine...
  • Get Real AU - No characters, just... you. You're thrown into the freddy fazbear pizzeria universe as yourself, and yourself alone, others are there, your friends, but they're all just humans, too. Just their normal selves. Will you survive? Will the fourth wall die?
  • The Six Kids AU - You're one of the six kids that the purple man killed... you control the animatronic, you're bent on revenge to kill any nightguard you see. But the animatronics might not comply too easily...

Collaboration Proposals

  • Hunter AU - A world of four groups (Angels, Humans/Hunters, Demons, and Monsters/Beasts). There is a very fragile balance between the four groups, maintained by the capital that is in the center of the four nations. That doesn't mean that battles and racism doesn't exist.
  • Supernatural Disease AU - Those that are infected live outside the walls, those that are not infected are inside. The infected have things like vampirism, lycanthropy, angelism, demonism, and so on. Those outside are fighting for survival and to find a cure. Those inside have the cure, but charge prices that no one can afford.

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